Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Time for White

White is out and about on the streets now that Easter has come and gone.  It is such a clean, cut, fresh color to wear all throughout the summer and spring-time months.  This sophisticated look can be worn many different ways.  It is a great color to wear for this time of year because it reflects the light and absorbs perspiration, so even when the steamy rays are coming down, you’ll keep cool.  With all of these great reasons to wear white, there are still some things to keep in mind.  Remember that white is very sheer and you need to think before putting on bright colored undergarments.  Be careful when wearing white- don’t wear it to an event where you will be doing anything messy.  And most importantly, don’t wear white to a wedding- keep that for the bride.  So while keeping all of these things in mind, here are so great ways to wear white and shine in these hot months.
White Eyelet Skirt- Forever 21
This white little eyelet skirt is perfect for brunch or shopping around the town.  It is a light fabric so it keeps you cool and it is very summer-time looking with the pattern. 
Women's Gathered Tea-Length Dresses- Old Navy
This light weight dress is perfect just to slip on when you are running out the door.  I love the buttons cascading down the front and the small bow tied around the neck.
Denim Cut-Off Short- Ralph Lauren
Price: $69.50 | Sale Price: $54.99
White denim shorts are great to put with any top- that is the awesome thing about the color white.  I love this paired with the blue jeans rolled up shirt and some cowboy boots- a real country girl. 
New Boot-cut Jean in White Denim- J Crew
White jeans are great to have when you still want to wear something summery but there is a slight breeze outside.  It is also great for those nights out when you just aren’t feeling like wearing a dress.  They will keep you warm while still looking like you fit in with the season. 
Rocha- Nine West
White heels are something that really can only be pulled out after Easter.  I love pairing these with a dark garment so the white pops off your feet.  A LBD and these shoes would stand out great!
This long tank dress from BCBG is great for any time of the day and any occasion.  It can be worn during the day out or even as a beach cover-up.  It can also be worn out for a nighttime dinner.  It keeps you warm white still wearing a simple slim fitting dress and looking classy.

Dress the Part

It’s about that time.  The end of the year is near, and all the seniors are in the midst of interview season.  The days are dwindling down and the “real world” is getting closer.   One job application after the next, and you are beginning to realize that you need some cute business attire.  If you are in the field of Apparel Merchandising or Design, like me, I know from my own experience, that you want to look presentable, while keeping your own unique style in mind.  Even if you are not in the same field of study, I’m sure the same goes for you as well.  A nice suit is needed for many occasions, including a job interview.  If you are not graduating just yet, I'm sure you are still encountering other interviewing, such as for student organization leadership positions.  A suit that stands out puts a Post-It note in the interviewer's mind to remember you.  The most important thing about an interview is for you to stand out.  Here are a few different ways to wear a suit, while looking the part, and also keeping your own style in mind:
This suit will definitely keep you in the interviewer's mind!  If you are interviewing in the spring, this color will pop when you walk through the door.  Bright and fun are the things to keep in mind when picking out a suit.  This will work with any type of suit including a pants suit, a skirt, or a nice conservative dress.  Be ready to see some smiling faces when you walk in the room.

Magenta Suiting Jacket- New York and Company 
A classic black suit is a staple to have in your closet.  If you are in a rush to get to an interview, this is always a garment you can reach for.  This type of suit shows the interviewers that you are a serious, hard-working person and you are ready for any job.  It is a very presentable suit and resembles a clean-cut ensemble. 
If you are wearing a simple dress, spice it up with a long trench coat.  Keeping the jacket and dress a few inches above the knee is a good presentable length.  Since you are choosing to wear a one-colored dress, the jacket stands out the most if you choose a printed fabric.  This black and white mixed jacket contrasts against the black simple garment. 
Just like the classic black suit, the little black dress is a must to have in your closet.  This dress is wonderful because it can be worn for many different occasions.  You can wear this to an interview and change it up by adding a belt and a fun necklace to go out at night.  Whatever event is coming your way, you will be ready for it in this LBD.

Boat Neck Fitted Dress- Gucci

The all-white suit.  This suit is the most clean-cut you can get.  Make sure if you buy a suit in this tone that you only wear it after Easter.  This Akris suit sells separately by each piece.  Although this brand falls into a very high price range, you can find a similar all-white suit at many other stores.  Do not be fooled by the expensiveness of this garment- just keep on the lookout for one that resembles it. 
Akris Shawl-Collar Jacket, Shutter-Pleat Blouse & Floor-Length Pants- Neiman Marcus
Akris Shawl-Collar Jacket
Akris Floor-Length Pants
Akris Shutter-Pleat Blouse
Mix and matching is wonderful if you only have a skirt or a suit jacket, not a set.  The black and white look of this suit has a vintage feel to it.  The jacket has black buttons to match the black skirt and the top of it is surrounded by ruffles.  Wear this retro-looking suit and be different among the common suits everyone else is wearing.
Kasper Suit, Ruffled Jewel Button Jacket & Skirt- Macys
Sale- $59.99

Beach Wear: Cover-Ups

Spring Break has come and gone, but now it’s time to flaunt your new bronzed bikini body.  The days are continuously warmer, so the time has come to chill out with friends by the pool after class.  But there is always the question of what to wear over your bathing suit while still showing off your newly tanned body.  Cover-ups come in many forms and choosing the one for your body type can be a struggle.  However, have no fear collegiettes, here are five different types of cover-ups to fit your personal body type!
For someone wants to show off their upper body, but still wants a way to cover up while not in the pool, a sarong is the way to go.  Sarongs can be long or short depending on your own style.  These are actually found in many different countries and are a fun and stylish souvenir to bring back home with you from your travels.  If you aren't visiting Tahiti or Hawaii anytime soon, they can also be found in many stores throughout the United States.

Sheers are the perfect way to provide a sexy sneak peak to your bathing suit without being too revealing.  The see-through fabric is great to provide you with comfort, whilst still revealing your best assets.  One of the best things about a sheer cover up is that it is a great match for any type of bathing suit.
Maxi Dress
Victoria Secret- $95
This long simple dress is great to throw on over your bathing suit when leaving the beach to do things like grab lunch, shop, or meet up with friends.   A maxi dress is super casual, but very feminine at the same time.  A great thing about the maxi is it's versatility! They can be dressed down by just simply throwing on some flip flops, but can also be dressed up with wedges and a chunky necklace. 
The most important thing to remember about a romper is lighter is better.  Since offers a lot of coverage, you always want to choose fabric that will not weigh you down.  When picking out your new favorite romper, keep in mind the trend of bright and cheerful colors for summer.  Something special about choosing a romper as a cover-up is you can buy a printed one because your bathing suit will not be revealed underneath.
This cover-up is great for when the weather is not in your favor and there is a slight breeze because a kaftan will keep your covered up and warm, while still revealing your swimsuit.  Kaftans are easily found in many embellished forms as well as a lot of bright and fun colors.  Choose a short kaftan to throw on for a day out on the town or choose a floor length one for a nicer dinner. 

Spring Break Need To Have Items!

Spring Break is about to begin! Now that the countdown is over, time to pack! In your midst of excitement, there is always a little panic about remembering all the necessities.  Whether you are hitting the beach, cruising in the Bahamas, or just laying by the pool in your home town, we are here to help you remember everything on your list.  Spring Break is for fun in the sun so all you really need are the basics.  Remember you are going to be in your little polka dot bikini most of the time so pack lightly!
Everyone needs a simple pair of flip flops.  They are easy to wear when just chilling out or to walk on the beach and they are an easy thing to pack.  They are light weight and thin so they fit in your suitcase easily.  You can get simple flips flops from almost anywhere and in any color: solid or print.  Buy a pair in a solid that will match anything or go a little crazy and buy a fun print.  Here are just a few solid flip flops from Old Navy for only $3.50 each or $2.50 each if you buy 2 or more! Now that’s a great deal!!
Gemma  Sandal from  You will also need a pair of fancier sandals to wear those days you dress up to go out for lunch on the beach or if you are having dinner one night and just don’t feel like wearing a pair of heels.  These are comfortable, but still fashionable and are a good price  They are 1 pair for $14.90, 2 for $12.90 each, or 3 or more for $9.90 each.  This price is increased a little bit from the basic flip flop but it is completely worth the buy.
This Kensie Girl “Kenwood” Espadrille Wedge can be found at Famous Footwear and is only $29.99.  These wedges are great because they are heels but have a beachy feel to them because they are open toed and made of straw.  The neutral color is great to stick with because it matches a lot and it is important to pack the least amount possible on your trip; just bring a pair that will go well with a bunch of different outfits.
A bikini is an essential for Spring Break.  Bathing suits are the most fun because you can mix and match solids and prints.  However many bottoms and tops you already have, switching it up will double that.  Mix and matching will save you a lot of money and space in your suitcase when packing for a trip. This bikini is a cute but casual Victoria Secret top and bottom with a jeweled center on the top half.
My suggestion would be to bring a pair of sunglasses that are not your name brand, favorite, "go to" sunglasses just in case something were to happen to them on Spring Break.   Pansun has some amazing sunglasses for just $14.50 each and 2 for $20.  They carry many different colors and shapes.  Go grab them before everyone snatches them up!
A tote bag/ beach bag is a HAVE TO HAVE item for any beach trip.  The few things that need to be carried throughout the day are magazines, sunscreen, tanning oil, a beach towel, a few snacks and water while you’re out for the day by the ocean. This is a cute High Seas Canvas Bag from Forever 21 for a great price of $20.80.
This Wet Seal dress is perfect for either a day out shopping or a night on the boat for dinner.  The thing to keep in mind when packing for spring break is that specific clothing items that can be worn for different events and times of the day are a must bring! This will keep your suitcase light and still give you plenty of options to choose from.  This dress is short which gives it sex appeal but still very classy with the train in the back and the Feather Printed Tube Dress is only $32.50.
Everyone always needs to carry a pair of denim shorts with them.  They are very practical and can be worn with many different outfits.  This is another staple item that can be found about anywhere and in many different washes so have fun with it! These are just a pair of simple Gap Rolled Denim shorts for $26.95.
Cover ups can be found in many places for many different price ranges.  The ones from Victoria Secret are of very good quality and that is why they cost more.  This Floral Print Cover-up Dress has a short bloused over skirt portion of the dress and also a deepening neck line.  It is going for $48.

Get Your Style Organized with Stylitics!

This week I interviewed Meghan Choat and Chelsea Madkins, two of Auburn’s Campus Ambassadors for a new online virtual style organizer called Stylitics.  The company started in 2010, and the website beta version launched in 2011.  Stylitics is shown online through thirty different campuses, including Auburn. Below is a little bit more information on what exactly Stylitics is, what some of their goals are, and how YOU can get involved. Go ahead- try it out!!
HC Auburn: What exactly is Stylitics? 
Chelsea: Stylitics attempts to connect users with popular trend information. It allows the user to upload items from their closet and build an online replica of his or her wardrobe. This information then highlights information like brands most purchased and styles most often worn.
Meghan: They are also working on trend alerts for your area, personal outfit recommendations, and more social interactions and direct messaging with brands. We've recently been featured on Oprah's blog. has considered Stylitics one of the Top 10 Fashion/Tech companies to watch and Style Coalition has nominated us for a Fashion 2.0 award for "Next big thing in Tech". So be sure to vote for us!
HC Auburn: What do you do as brand ambassadors for Stylitics? 
Chelsea:Meghan and I work to create brand awareness for Stylitics around campus and provide trend information back to the company. For example, when we see styles that are becoming more and more popular around Auburn, we may snap a picture and send it back to our supervisor and co-founder of Stylitics, Zach Davis. We also serve as administrators for the Auburn University Stylitics page, which is a great place to find updates and news about the company.
Meghan: Our first project was a Fall Trend Report. Basically, I watched the areas around campus for trends. I took notes and pictures and then eventually sent everything back to our supervisor. Styltics HQ then combined all of the ambassador reports and made a Fall Trend Report that they sent to all of their clients, which include The Gilt Groupe and Lucky Brand Jeans. We also just recently finished a project that consisted of the ambassadors creating example style profiles, which launched February 3.
HC Auburn: Is it easy to keep up with your wardrobe online?
Chelsea: Stylitics is super user friendly and easy to join. By simply going to, clicking sign up and entering the code CMauburn or auburnmc people are able to start building a profile.
Meghan: All you have to do to add your wardrobe is simply search for your items. If you are looking for a rag and bone gray and black striped skirt, that's what you type in. If it's not already on the website, you can easily add it! Not to mention that it's free and the more you use it, the higher chance you have of winning some incredible designer things. Some of the designers that are giving away prizes are Marc Jacobs, Carrie Hammer, Retrospective, Elly Clay, Lex Cosmetics, Of a Kind, Kimbrel, Aksel, Jack threads, Body Rock, and Styleowner.
HC Auburn: Why do you encourage Auburn's collegiettes to join Stylitics? 
Chelsea: Stylitics is a great tool for managing and developing personal style. It allows users to track what they wear, plan outfits, and see what is hot in their area. Not to mention, the website has amazing give aways and prizes.
Meghan: Stylitics is great way to organize what you've worn and what event you wore it at. Personally, I have a hard time keeping up with that. So, it really helps me utilize more of my wardrobe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Precursor to the Oscars

The Golden Globes are one of the biggest award shows of our time.  Everyone gathers together once a year to recognize the excellence in television and film.  The first Golden Globe Awards were held in January 1944 in the 20th century Fox Studios in Los Angeles.  The stars come for the food, they come for the awards, but most of all, they come for the fashion.   Here are a few of the best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes this year:

Claire Danes- Wearing J. Mendel, Claire looks stunning in this classy but sexy gown.  I love the black and white sleek style but it has some edge thrown in with the studded belt and the cut out back.

 Emma Stone- Emma definitely didn’t need any “Help” looking gorgeous on this night.  She was stunning in a plum and fuschia Lanvin gown at the Golden Globes.  My favorite part of this dress was the eagle belt to make the gown a little more edgy.

 Sofia Vergara- Check out Sofia in her blue, strapless, mermaid Vera Wang gown.  Whether it’s on a beach or on an episode of “Modern Family”, she can pretty much pull off any look.

Dianna Agron- I thought this was an interesting choice but Diana sure did pull it off.  The red always fits nicely for the red carpet look.  The bottom of this Giles gown was decked out in fringe, while the top was a decorative design with swans leading the top.

 Zooey Deschanel- She is such a cute girl and does a great job always trying to stand out in the crowd but maybe it was taken too far this time.  Zooey was seen wearing a black Prada gown covered in emerald green glass pearls.  She defiantly had the crowd looking, that’s for sure.

 Kelly Osbourne- Kelly looks like she stole a dress out of her grandmother’s dress up clothes.  She wore a Zac Posen ocean blue dress with pointed shoulders.  We don’t want anyone’s eye being poked out Kelly, watch out.

Sarah Michelle Gellar- I appreciate your effort to try something different but a tye-dye dress? I think we may want to keep that back in high school days, Sarah.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WANTED- Velvet, Lace and Sequins

Looking for something to wear this Christmas or New Years?  Lace, Sequins and Velvet are the three most fashionable, in style things to wear during this time of year before moving into 2012!! Remember that these three fabrics/styles can be found at any and all price points; these are just a few examples to get you started.  Also, they can be found throughout almost any piece of garment so look good and hard before choosing the one you want.  Now go out and buy that one last thing for yourself before the Holidays get here. You deserve one last present to yourself before you start wrapping up on the gifts for everyone else. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!
Le Deux Velvet Tunic
(Silver and black)
Urban Renewal Zip-Back Stretch Velvet Mini Skirt
(comes in many colors)
Slouchy Velvet Blazer
Sale- $99.95
Long-sleeve Stretch Lace Top
(comes in many colors)
Lulu Townsend Vanessa Pump
Sale- $49.95
Spanx Floral Lace Tights
Blazer with Sequins
129.00 USD
Diane von Furstenerg ‘Kallina’ Sequined Kimono Top
Three-By-Three Clutch